Teaching Style

As modern research shows, the best way to study a language is by immersion * into that language and culture. However, this approach only works if the learner is in an English speaking environment for some hours every day. With most children and students having a busy schedule, it is difficult for them to have more than two hours of English per week. Therefore, we use a teaching style that combines immersion with using limited Japanese to explain the meaning of new words and phrases. This allows students to learn more time efficiently, but at the same time allows them to get a lot of practice hearing and speaking English in class. 

According to the age group of the students and their English level, we gradually increase the percentage of English used in class. Below is a chart that shows about how much English is used.

1st ~ 3rd Grade English 50%~70%

4th ~ 6th Grade English 60%~80%

Junior High School English 70%~90%

* What is immersion

Immersion is a teaching style where students are put in an environment which is closest to the real English speaking world. The teacher uses simple English words and explanations to teach new language items. Students too should use English to ask questions.

Learning Approach

Our approach to learning is more analog than digital. We believe that face-to-face lessons with different kinds of classroom activities provide children and students with a more natural environment to learn English, than when using a lot of digital material such as smartphone and tablet applications, DVDs, etc. However, for children who need to catch up or want to do some extra English work at home, we also provide additional material through our YouTube channel.