Children’s Classes

English lessons for Elementary School Children

For elementary school children we use a range of materials to achieve a set of goals.
Our main goals are:

  1. Good reading skills
  2. Correct pronunciation
  3. Correct intonation
  4. Increase vocabulary
  5. English output (speaking and making sentences)
  6. Sentence structure and grammar

Our materials include Oxford readers, textbooks & workbooks, audio material, cards and more. We believe that learning should be fun so games, songs and role-plays are also part of our lessons. The classes are kept small, up to six students, so the teacher can give enough attention to every child.

In 1st and 2nd grade, we focus on introducing new language through a lot of different English vocabulary cards, songs and story telling. 

In 3rd and 4th grade, we focus on reading and enunciating English by using vocabulary cards that don’t have any pictures, and through word-tiles, and picture dictionary activities. 

In 5th and 6th grade, we focus on reading longer passages out loud, writing words correctly, and increasing vocabulary by writing them down.  

Using the textbook is part of every lesson in all grades, as this gives us a base to introduce new language and phrases which we also practice through pair work or role-play. 


Homework for School Children:

Children in 1st grade receive prints to practice writing the alphabet. Every month we also send the parents a link to a song we are learning to sing during class. The children are asked to watch the link and listen to the song a few times during the week. For children in 2nd grade and higher, we use a workbook from where the children have to complete 1~2 pages at home every week. At the beginning of each lesson we check the homework. After that we carefully explain the homework for the following week so children in 3rd grade and older are able to do it without the help of parents.  


Eiken Test:

We start preparing students for Eiken Grade 5 when they are in 4th or 5th grade. In 6th grade we help them pass Eiken grade 4. Most students then pass Eiken grade 3 in Junior High School first or second grade.
In our school, studying for the Eiken test is 70% self study and 30% classroom study. To sufficiently prepare students for a test, we start studying 3~4 months before the test date. Every week, we give students one or two pages of past Eiken test material to do at home. We then check their answers in class and go over the mistakes together, to make sure everybody understands why an answer is wrong. We also teach students how to effectively use English-Japanese dictionaries and write down new vocabulary.