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親愛なる読者の皆さん、シオン英語スクールは、ここ北子安に新たに落ち着きました!そして、小学生の全学年の生徒を受け入れる準備が整いました。見学やお試しレッスンの受付はいつでもお待ちしています。よろしくお願いします!Dear reader, Shion’s English School has now settled in here in Kitakoyasu!  We are ready to accept elementary school children of all grades. You are welcome to visit us and see our classroom, and also to sign up for a trial lesson. See you soon!





Dear reader, our school has successfully moved to the new location in Kitakoyasu 2 chome 11-30. This is a big step for us. The house is much bigger and so are the classrooms! We are very excited about this. Now we are making necessary arrangements to start offering English classes to Elementary school children of all grades. If you like to know more about children’s English classes, then please call us.


シオン英語スクールは、小学5年生、6年生の英語教室も始めることになりました。ぜひお気軽に説明や体験レッスンを受けにいらしてください。Dear reader, we are starting to offer English classes for primary school 5th and 6th graders. Please feel free to contact us and bring your child for an interview and trial lesson.



Dear reader, we have finally found a really nice house in Kimitsu, Kitakoyasu 2 Chome. We are really excited about this house because it has enough space for two big classrooms. We hope to make parking space for about 7 cars too. The work in and outside the house will probably take a bit more than two months so we hope to open the new school in July.

Our second teacher

皆さんにお知らせします、今年の3月から私の妻のローラもシオン英語スクールでレッスンを教える事になります。英語のみの指導が可能なクラスで、ローラと私がそれぞれ月2回ずつ教えたいと思ってます。この変化による多様性を皆さんが楽しんでくれることを願っています。Dear reader, I would like to announce that my wife, Laura, will officially start teaching at Shion’s English School starting from March. Laura and I will be taking turns teaching 2 lessons per month for classes with an English level that is high enough to be taught only in English. We hope you will enjoy the diversity this change brings to the classroom! 



Starting from October 2018, Shion’s English School will be offering English classes for Junior High School students too. We divide students according to their English levels and not according to their age. That means they will likely be studying together with older students and adults. In that case we make sure all students are treated equally and with respect so there is no need for concern.


Dear reader, I’d like to share with you some steps we are planning to make in the near future. In August it will be 3 years since we moved to Owada, Kimitsu. We have now decided to look for another place here in Kimitsu. This is due to two reasons. First, I have been having some health problems and we believe it has to do with the air in this region. Second, my wife would like to start giving English lessons for children and so we need a place with two classrooms. So, please stay tuned!

Our daughter Eden

皆さんへ、少し遅れましたが、僕の生まれたばかりの娘、エデンを紹介したいと思います。彼女は12月に生まれ、それ以来、私達を幸せにしてくれています。この2週間、彼女は初めて会う人にさえ、幸せそうに微笑むようになりました。彼女はとても元気で、私達はほっとしています。エデンのために贈り物をくれた生徒には、心からありがとうと伝えたいです。Dear reader, with a bit of delay I would like to introduce to you our little daughter, Eden. She was born in December and has been a blessing to all of us ever since. Over the last two weeks she has started to smile happily, even to people she meets for the first time. She is doing really well which is a great relief for us. A big ‘thank you’ also to all my students who brought us presents for Eden. 

Our first baby

Hello everybody, with great joy and happiness do I want to announce that my wife and I are expecting the birth of our first child in mid-November! Please forgive us if I have to make any unexpected lesson cancellations. With your help, we are hoping to make a smooth transition into family life while continuing with all the English classes.


2016 – well done!

Hello everyone, spring is here again and it feels great, doesn’t it! I want to thank all of my students for coming to SHION’S ENGLISH SCHOOL in the school year of 2016. You have all improved your English and I enjoyed spending many fun moments with you during class. I hope you will continue using your English and enjoy studying more.